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1 form into subdivisions; "The cells subdivided"
2 divide into smaller and smaller pieces; "This apartment cannot be subdivided any further!"

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  1. To divide into smaller sections.


To divide into smaller sections

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alphabetize, analyze, anatomize, apportion, arrange, assay, assort, bifurcate, bisect, branch, break down, break up, by two, catalog, categorize, class, classify, cleave, codify, contradistinguish, cut in two, cut up, demarcate, demark, dichotomize, differentiate, digest, dimidiate, discriminate, dissect, distinguish, district, divide, divide up, divvy, divvy up, draw the line, file, fission, fork, grade, group, halve, in half, index, list, mark the interface, order, parcel, parcel out, partition, pick out, pigeonhole, place, portion, ramify, range, rank, rate, reduce, reduce to elements, resolve, screen, screen out, section, segment, segregate, select, separate, set a limit, set apart, set off, sever, severalize, sieve, sieve out, sift, sift out, sort, sort out, split, split hairs, split in two, split up, subtilize, tabulate, transect, type, winnow, zone
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